Meditation at the workplace 

"Maria is fantastic - she has such a calm, warmness to her. Always makes my day better, and those of us in our studio who attend her meditation classes." Bill G. Sir Director at Bot & Dolly.

Yoga at the workplace

"Maria has been coming by my work for the past several months, providing what has been a great intro to yoga and a fantastic way to start the morning. I only wish we could have her more often!

I never thought I'd be the sort of guy who'd try yoga, much less get a lot out of it and look forward to it each week. I'm typically much more into resistance training with weights and some cardio in a gym setting. But Maria's yoga instruction has been great in getting me to connect with my body on a deeper level and bringing a greater level of awareness. I'm always in a better place after her class, ready to begin the day with a more balanced physical and mental state.

Maria is able to take our motley crew of employees, and no matter how much yoga experience we've had prior (in my case none), get us all comfortable in the practice with a steady pace and alternative poses in case some of us aren't as flexible or balanced as others. Speaking for myself, I've never felt out of my depth or left behind or bored in Maria's class, and I appreciate the time before and after the class where she takes the time to check in and invites comment. I couldn't have asked for a better guide to yoga!" Steven B. Sir Apperal designer at Betabrand.

Private Yoga at home 

"My boyfriend and I met Maria a few months ago and are already almost through our second package of private lessons! We couldn’t be happier to have Maria and yoga in our lives! She is wonderful and very professional. It is easy to get in touch to schedule our sessions and she is always on time. Maria is also incredibly patient and responsive to our individual needs. She even provides us with at home practice for us to do! We look forward to continuing our practice with Maria!" Paula D.

Healing Sessions 

"Recently, I broke three bones in my leg playing soccer and the pain was unbearable to sleep with. Consuming painkillers plus sleep meds did very little to solve the problem.

So I decided to try alternative healing. Maria visited me and performed a Reiki Session on my ankle. Slowly I could feel the pain receding and my mind starting to ease allowing me to get some sleep. When I awoke, my muscles felt more relaxed and my mind had a much more positive outlook on my injury. It provided me with some much needed relief that I do not think that traditional medicine could have given me.

I must admit I've been skeptical about alternative healing. My point of view had always been "What are these so called 'energies'?-it just didn't make sense to me that something I couldn't see was going to help me. But it truly did and I'm thankful to Maria for opening my eyes to the benefits of Reiki. From my personal experience, I recommend Maria's Reiki to anyone suffering with physical injuries and encourage skeptics like myself to explore alternative healing.

Maria is a patient and caring healer and I look forward to expanding my Reiki sessions with her to help me with my leg healing and also helping me with my day to day stress from work" Felipe C.

Adaptive Yoga therapy for cancer and chronic illness

"I have been blessed to get to know Maria through her volunteer work at the non-profit where I work. Maria provides weekly one-on-one private instruction to our clients who are all living with breast cancer, as well as other life-threatening illnesses. Maria thoughtfully tailors each of her private sessions to the specific needs of our clients, many of whom are actively in treatment for breast cancer, have mobility issues, and do not speak English as their first language. Maria's compassionate, dependable and grounding presence has not only deeply impacted the clients who have received her instruction, but has also created a more vibrant and healing energy in our office space. My clients who have practiced yoga with Maria report feeling less stress and anxiety toward their health condition, decreased pain, and having a better sense of well-being and community. Not only is Maria a talented yoga instructor, but she is also a delightful and loving person who truly cares about her students. Maria's ability to connect and respond to the individual needs of her students is a true gift." Whitney M. Care navigator at The Shanti Project in San Francisco.

Private Yoga 


Yoga for Beginners 

"As someone who had never done yoga before, I was always intimidated to give it a try because of my lack of flexibility, even though I am a runner and in pretty good shape for a 55 year old. Well, I finally decided to do it, and found Maria on Yelp based on her positive reviews. I am so glad I did!

She is a very supportive and encouraging teacher, and I am making good progress in our work together. My wife has now joined me too.

Maria makes our time challenging, yet motivating. She has a warm and relaxed style while providing clear coaching throughout the session. After each session I feel like I have achieved my intentions, and am more relaxed, balanced and flexible.

Thank you Maria. I look forward to continuing our work together."

William M.

Restorative Yoga and therapeutics

"Maria is a fabulous instructor! Maria is incredibly focused on her students. She is very intuitive, warm and aware. Maria also has a tremendous grasp of yoga practices and restorative yoga.

The result for students is a wonderfully rewarding and satisfying class each time. I have suffered from post concussion syndrome (PCS) and Maria introduced me to restorative yoga.

The practice with Maria has provided me with a huge amount of relief, and the tools to bring my headaches down between sessions. I am now also seeing the benefits of that mindfulness in my daily life. Maria always finds the right blend of yoga movement and restorative poses that are refreshing and renewing. I can't recommend her enough." Andre L.

Group Sessions 

"Maria Colina is the heart of Shakti Yoga. I was first introduced to Maria via the Mindful Body and she has been an incredible inspiration. She guided me in the poses of yoga, knowing just when to push and also helping me become more balanced. I have had scoliosis since I was a teenager, that paired with my high anxiety resulted in some serious back pain. After just a few months of yoga with Maria, I felt stronger and more balanced and my back pain subsided.She is wonderful at working with people who have all types of injuries and her sensitivity to peoples' feelings is what makes her an exceptional teacher. Wonderful teacher for beginners or more advanced yogis."Sabrina, S