Maria Colina

Maria Colina is a meditation and yoga teacher, reiki master and ayurvedic diet-lifestyle counselor. She has more than 13 years of in-depth practice, training and teaching experience. Before moving to California, she studied five years of medicine in Venezuela. Maria specializes in meditative and healing practices. Her sessions are customized, personable and creative.

In 2016, she collaborated with musical artist Bedtimes and co-created a meditation album based on mindfulness, guided imagery and relaxation. Her purpose is to guide, support and inspire a healthy and happy lifestyle by developing non-judgemental awareness, presence and curiosity in every moment.

Maria gives great importance to staying in touch with nature. She loves spending time by the ocean and going for redwood hikes. Whenever it is warm she most definitely will jump in the ocean or go to a waterfall. During the spring, she enjoys getting her hands in the soil, planting seeds and being reminded of the magic of creation and the natural world we are all part of.

Shakti is derived from the Sanskrit word “shak,” which literally means “to be able”. Shakti is the essence of vibrant health, inspiration and purpose.