Meditation is a practice of awareness and self discovery. Similar to sleep, meditation can not be taught, it just comes by itself. You can only learn the steps that will ease your way in to it.

Through meditation your mind will become clear, and strong. You will be able to take action from a place of intelligence and wisdom. Ultimately meditation will give you the greatest gift of true happiness, health and healing from within.


Benefits of Meditation:

•    Increases serotonin levels related with positive emotions
•    Promotes health and well-being of body and mind
•    Improves concentration, memory and mental clarity
•    Reduces stress, anxiety and pain
•    Promotes the quantity and quality of sleep
•    Promotes rest and longevity 
•    Enhances a feeling of peace and more positive outlook for life

What to expect from a session?

Sessions are personalized, accesible and effective. A session can include: mindfulness, guided imagery, breath work, simple-gentle movement, relaxation, and sound healing (toning and mantras)

Ways to learn

  • Meditation 101: This one hour class is an accessible introduction to meditation. Includes a basic understanding of what meditation is and how to practice.

  • Meditation Course: 4-8 week course, meet once or twice a week for an hour. Learn a variety of meditation tools and their benefit. This course will help you gain confidence and consistency in your own practice. You will be able to address any obstacles, learn to adjust and create a suitable and enjoyable meditation practice.

Research in Meditation:

Herbert Benson, MD and his associates at Harvard Medical School have been conducting research since 1967, validating the many physiological benefits of meditation, showing the following:

Learn more about Dr Herbert Benson's "Relaxation Response" 

•    Reduction of chemicals associated with anxiety in the blood stream
•    Brain waves slowed to patterns associated with relaxation (delta waves)
•    Lowered heart rate 
•    Decreased muscle tension